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Deaf Youth Ministry of Texas has been training up deaf youth for 30 years.  We have would not be able to do this amazing work without the gifts that have been given.


Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past and thank you to all that will give to make sure this ministry continues.  

Monetary gifts can be sent to:


Deaf Youth Ministry of Texas

P.O. Box 4

Pflugerville, TX 78691


If you want to give to a specific part of the ministry please note it on the check.  

  • Elementary

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • Young Adult

  • Mission Trip 

Non-Monetary Gifts

Donations to the Deaf Youth Ministry of Texas are not always given in cash.  Some of our best gifts have been given and used by youth.  This includes Bibles (their favorite is the Action Bible), cakes, cookies, cards...

If you would like to donate to our work please contact us through our Connect page.  

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